0265A: Roasting

Summer is starting to slip away as the mornings are feeling a little cooler but sun remains just as fierce. But the occasional brisk breeze certainly helps make my morning yoga routine a bit more bearable. And I find myself needing to bring my umbrella just in case of the afternoon rain.

Last night, we finally fired up the oven for real to see if Tobie's turbo chicken recipe works well enough in a full oven. It wasn't quite our first time to use the condo's oven - I had run an initial test with some Quorn escalopes and they came out okay. But the chicken was the real test.

I had helped prepare a bed of potato slices in olive oil to line the pan and Tobie added some onions and cucumber slices. And then there was the chicken itself that Tobie had marinated the night before. For the most part it came out okay but needed a little more buffer cooking time to ensure the deepest parts of the chicken are safely cooked.

It was nice to have it again. The last time we had this chicken was well before I had accidentally destroy the glass lid for our GoChef, which had been our default oven solution for some time now. It was never a perfect oven substitute but it was certainly convenient. But now it's time for the big leagues.

What to bake or roast next?