02657: Slow Down Sunday

On the whole this has been an interesting weekend that was nicely balanced between trying new things, great tabletop gaming and getting enough rest as well. Friday night was about exploring new food and drinks with the help of the nearby Japanese restaurant Fukudaya. I finally got to answer the question of what it's like to drink sake (I like it!) and what a typical Japanese Highball drink is like (I don't think I'm a whisky guy).

Saturday was the big 7th Sea RPG finale session and things ended pretty well. Across five hours our two game groups more or less worked together to save the world and achieve our personal objectives as well. A lot of us found love or were somehow placed in a position where we could ensure our loved ones were looked after. And the bag guys got their due.

We gambled on trying Recovery Food together and walked away disappointed, which was actually expected. Way too expensive for mediocre breakfast fare.

Upon getting home we fired up the airconditioning and slept in past noon. We eventually stepped out for a our one big meal for the day thus far along with a few errands both geeky and domestic. And now we'll try out a board game or two before getting some proper sleep before the work week begins anew.

I hope you all have a re-energizing weekend. We're all powered by different sorts of experiences so I'm sure our weekend may not have been like yours but was hopefully equally fulfilling.