02633: Why Not You?

When there is a thing that needs to be done, it is easiest to first wonder why no one has done the thing. We see this all the time on social media when people complain about this or that. It is easiest to expect other people should be doing their part as we all have to pull together to keep things semblance of a society running.

And here lies that line that defines when people become responsible - or least somethingt that resembles this. For me this line is defined the voice in my head that instead asks "Why not you?" as the answer to the unspoken question of why hasn't anyone else done something about the thing that needs doing. This kick in the head always rings true for me and for the most part it keeps me functional and still within that column that is somehow tagged as being responsible. It may not be the most ideal internal motivator, but if works then I guess you can't knock it, right? As long as it works, then it works. It gets the job done. You keep moving forward.

But not everyone has that voice in their head that sounds like their mother to push them forward. To be fair, not everyone needs one. But I suspect most would benefit from one if only to help get a lot more done than what we see today. It could potentially fix a lot of problems or at least address a lot of the quirks in our day to day lives or something like that. You can call it responsibility or self-discipline or whatever. The term isn't as important as the results and I think we'd all like to see more positive outcomes in matters or at least less bad decisions.