02632: Damn, Thanos.

So as a nice way to cap off Tobie's birthday yesterday, we watched a late sa s screening of Avengers: Infinity War. Quick reaction: we both enjoyed the movie a lot. I'll try not to touch on spoilers, but we may have different definitions of spoilers. So this is a soft warning.

The movie was great, but not in ways I had expected. As someone who has extensively followed Jim Starlin's continuing dark adventures of the mad Titan, I know this character pretty well. And as much as I knew he still had to collect the Infinity Stones, I sort of figured that that it would feel more like the more recent Infinity comics event. But instead we got something that was a bit more like the Infinity Quest arc that lead up to the original Infinity Gauntlet story.

And by taking Death out equation, they had to come up with a different reason for what was motivating Thanos to find the Stones. And that reason was nicely plausible and gave him a lot of focus. It all makes sense.