0262A: When You Aren't You

We can be different people depending on who we're with. Or the more redundant version of that sentence is that we can be different people for different people. Sometimes it's a conscious thing. Sometimes it just happens accidentally. We handle things differently when we're with our family versus our friends versus our colleagues at work. We hide different things with different people and we share specific things with different people.

It's funny when you meet someone who has knows a different version of a mutual friend. When your concept of the person is significantly different, it becomes trickier to resolve the disparity. Neither of you have any guarantee that your knowledge of the person in question is accurate. It's just the side of them that they had decided to share. And it doesn't even have to be about who is right or wrong - the two sides can operate independently of the other. Or they just represent different facets of who they are. So maybe together you have a better idea of who that person is but you still don't have the full picture.

And figuring out who we are and who we are to other people sort of defines a larger part of life or how we end up living our lives.