02628: Scoring the Week

The start of every work week is also feels like a brand new start to my efforts to live healthier. In my head it's when I reset my internal counters and wonder if I'll be able to do my yoga routine every day or will miss a few days again. It's when I ask myself if we'll cook all of our meals during the week or still indulge in eating out or ordering in for meals here and there. Will I manage to avoid snacking during my work day as a bad coping mechanism for stress or will I go clean and stick to my packed lunch as my main source of sustenance.

Obviously I'm thinking about a lot of things and in recent weeks I haven't always been doing well. Poor sleeping habits makes it even harder to get around to working out in the morning and so my average of 3-4 yoga sessions per week was more like 2-3 sessions at best. We've been avoiding cooking for related reasons of feeling tired after work and that has led to food wastage that has me feeling bad. I have still been snacking at the office more than I'd like to and it's not easy to curb that sort of negative behavior right away.

But we take things one day at a time and every day I tally the scores and see if I "win" or "lose" for the week. It's never quite black and white but of course one can only keep trying. Giving up would be the worst thing to do.