02625: Din Tai Fung Friday

As we had no other plans for the night, we figured that we might as well have dinner before heading home. It took a while to juggle all the possible places we could eat but weren't sure if we wanted to eat. Figuring out where to eat at any time tends to be one of the trickiest decisions out there and the problem gets compounded the more people are involved in the decision-making process. After naming nearly every restaurant between our offices and home, we ended up going to Din Tai Fung.

My sister introduced us to Din Tai Fung during our first trip to Singapore together many years ago and we've been fans ever since. But that has resulted in the odd side-effect of us not ordering like how most other folks seem to order. A casual glance around the restaurant tends to stress this every time we're there. Our table tends to be a mix of different dimsum items with a bowl of their beef noodle soup, more often than not. Everyone else seems to have several orders of the pork chop rice. Go figure.

There's something about our meal choices that has us eagerly eating everything in the main part of the meal and not necessarily feeling too full throughout. But then something happens when we have their Golden Lava Buns for dessert that tips us over the edge into feeling very happily full indeed.

On an odd side note, we had actually tried to avoid our usual order including consdering ordering the pork chop fried rice today. But as several items were missing for one reason or another, things were narrowed such that we ended up going back to our "regular" order items. Life has a funny way of giving you want you want or even what you need, I suppose?

Have a good weekend, everyone.