02627: Giant Spider Time

Today is wrapping up with a crazy Shadow of the Colossus style adventure using the Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition system to give power to the adventure. It's a kind of bonkers system that is ridiculously simple but I can see how that can unlock a lot of possibilities for all sorts of stories. And as I'm not a big fan of "crunchier" systems with a lot of complicated rules for this or that situation that may come up in the game as it feels like that rules can at times become a barrier to the story really going forward. Of course this is just me - I'm sure there will always be those that need the crunch in order to situate your character better or whatever.

I guess that's what I get for being exposed to so many RPG systems that favor more free-flowing narratives and things of that nature. The story tends to take precedence more than anything else and it has become important to me that the game systems works to faciliate those stories and delay things with a need to check the books and verify if there's a specific roll before something happens. After all, it makes more sense that dice rolls be reserved for moments of potential consquence so that the outcome of the roll matters. It's not a new idea and one that many games have demonstrated a clear understanding of. But what remains fascinating is the many, many different ways that they choose to adhere to this principle in order to tell their stories or to celebrate a particular niche or genre.

Another great weekend comes to a close. Whew.