02621: After Pandemic Legacy Season 1

So we finally finished playing through Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 after over a year of challenges over scheduling play sessions given everything else going on in everyone's lives. And thus Tobie was finally to talk about the game in full given he had finished the game last year together with a play group formed at office at the time. And as the game experience can vary based on the group that is playing through things, our game experiences were slightly different.

I'll try to avoid going into spoilers about the game, but needless to say the experience was rather amazing. Every game had us at the edge of our seats. The many twists and turns revealed by opening up windows of the dossier or opening up boxes of goodies kept the game fresh and interesting each and every time. Even defeat was not too bad a thing as the game was somehow designed to factor in defeat and even repeated cases of defeat.

At the end of the day that game was still essentially Pandemic. But with every new piece or rule added to the mix of things and the game just kept pivoting in a manner that kept the level of challenge going and the story quite intriguing. The ending was a little underwhelming in terms of the game narrative but on the whole the experience still left us all feeling pretty fulfilled.

It's amazing how anyone can cultivate that sort of an experience using a board game. And tbhis is why the hobby continues to thrive as it provides unique experiences in so many different ways.