0261F: #RetroconPH Reality

Hey, so #RetroconPH actually happened and is actually still on-going as of the time of this blog post. A vast majority of the players who had registered ahead of time showed up and we even had a few walk-in players rounding out the different game tables. It's pretty cool to have 6 full games running, each table celebrating a different "classic" RPG system.

I'm glad that Tobie got to participate - I know he really enjoys these community events and I like it when he gets to put himself out there more. He may not always acknowledge that he is quite the public figure in the community and he totally needs to be more visible for "branding" and all that fun stuff. And of course I'm totally prepared to support him.

So in the end I didn't get to play in any of the games since I wanted to make sure Registration was covered even as most of the games had begun. We had a few stragglers so it was good that I didn't allow myself to get distracted. It also opened up time to hang out with some of the folks who had dropped by just to watch as they couldn't commit to stay the whole day.

And I totally got some serious reading done. Star Wars: Ahsoka was amazing and I got a little weepy at the end.

On the whole it looks like this mini-convention was a success and we'll run the numbers after the dust settles to see if we at least break even. If anything it provides another avenue for celebrating the tabletop gaming hobby and hopefully to get more people into RPGs.