0261E: Event Administration

So tomorrow is #RetroConPH the first RPG mini-convention dedicated to relatively older games. What started as an idea being kicked around is now an actual thing that is like totally happening. This is the life, right? And it's not easy to manage this sort of thing while juggling regular work and all that fun stuff at the same time.

Tobie will be running a Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP) game and he's working on last-minute preparations. I've been helping to run online registration for the past few weeks and I expect to help out with the initial registration efforts at the event itself tomorrow afternoon. If I'm lucky I'll also get to join his game table but I'll still be content to just document the event for social media purposes.

A part of me wonders if we'll bump into people we don't exactly want to see again. This is our first major RPG event in a while so it's only natural for some of the old paranoia to come creeping back. But quite frankly I wouldn't care all that much. The bigger challenge would be remaining civil despite there being a LOT of things that need to be said given all that had happened before. And I don't see myself needing to edit my thoughts should the opportunity arise.

Ah well, upwards and onwards.