0261A: #GeekyGayming Social Media Plans

Our experiments with broadcasting our board game sessions at home via Facebook Live have been quirky. It's always tricky to be on-air in any capacity as you need to be careful about what you say and avoid saying things folks could find to be inappropriate. And even though our live videos thus far focus on the table and not ourselves, you still end up thinking carefully about, well, everything.

Outside of possible vlogging / broadcasting, I'm also toying with more gaming-related Twitter discussions (or maybe even Facebook discussions) just to drive more geeky conversations and possibly help educate more contacts when it comes to the joys of tabletop gaming. And it might help us find new players as well, and we're always in the market for new folks to invite to the Sietch for gaming.

Just little things to keep busy, be somewhat creative, and still have fun.