02619: O Bar Black Saturday

Last night was a different sort of O Bar night as it was specifically a tribute and fund-raising event in honor of fashion designer Frederick Peralta. And thus a lot of the numbers included the always fabulous O Divas garbed in his beautiful garments. It certainly added an extra level of sophistication to their routines for the night.

We were also in the company of different friends versus our normal O Bar companions, as is often one of the quirks of long weekends when most folks have family plans. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing as it still resulted in a pretty crazy evening which included a lot of laughing, a good amount of dancing and a reason for me and Tobie to get into a Trixie Mattel style "Oh Honey" moment.

It was a great evening.

Today we mostly rested and focused on post O Bar recovery. We did manage to leave the Sietch for a bit to get some errands done at Greenhills. I had to get a new computer to be used at the office and it seemed a good enough reason to leave BGC. Plus the holiday traffic situation helped cut down the usual travel time, so that was a good thing. As we didn't want to get caught in the return-to-Manila traffic late rin the evening, we kept things brief.

First was a late brunch at Casa Reyes. Then we got the laptop. Then we bought some new board games. Then we made our way home. And now we're waiting for dinner to arrive while Tobie cooks our lunch for tomorrow.