02618: Back to Back Gaming

One of the nice things about Holy Week is that unexpected people end up being free. And with this weekend including holidays shared between the Philippines and Singapore, it also means that Tobie and I had an extra shared day off and this has allowed us to meet up with friends who don't always get to game with us.

After yesterday's Tadhana RPG session, today has been all about board games. We met up with other friends today and have been gaming since lunchtime  The extended gaming time has allowed us to dive into new games as this always takes more time.

Despite this, we've already gotten to play Tiny Epic Quest, Dinosaur Island and Clank! and now we're introducing Carcassonne.

And once we wrap up here, we'll be headed off to O Bar to celebrate the fashion of Frederick Peralta. While this weekend isn't exactly holy nor does it involve the beach as is somewhat traditional among Filipinos, but it's certainly quite fulfilling and fun.