0260F: Tracking Tabletop Game Plays

In recent years I've been using the BoardGameGeek app to track how often we play games in our collection. It's a fun little nerdy site activity that helps me gather some statistics on how often games are played for no other value than knowing about it.

Now tracking plays can be complicated. Each person defines for themselves how they track their games and they want their account statistics to somehow reflect a true image of their collection's state of play.

My working tracking rules are:

  • I only track physical games - no app versions
  • I track games that either Tobie and I participate in or were part of a shared game night for
  • I track both base game plays and expansion plays but I only score Win/Lose data on the base game and not the expansions
  • As much as possible I capture the date of the game and who played - I don't care about location (but I did try logging this early on)
  • I track individual plays and not necessarily grouped sessions of multiple plays of the same game as one
As such, I have logged 2,199 individual plays thus far, but this number includes expansions. Interestingly enough, only 752 plays are tagged as expansion plays and 2 accessory plays, so thart means we still have at least 1,945 base game plays, which is still a lot. This last number may still be a little wonky since BGG and I have a difference opinion of which games are expansions and which are base games. For example, BGG seems to track each Smash Up! expansion as a base game, which is technically true since each expansion has enough cards to support a 2-player game at the very least. 

Yes, this information probably has no immediate impact on your life. But to paraphrase some very wise actual women, it's my blog and not yours.