0260E: Old Hardware Problems

More than one friend has asked about old computers available for re-use for more basic desktop publishing work or even for running tabletop RPGs. As another friend asked about possible computers so I asked for Tobie's help to find a particular unit. We spent some time looking for viable laptops to pass on and it looks like there are a surprising number of older devices here:

  • Tobie's much older Toshiba, which we shoud have burned long ago
  • My Asus EEE Netbook, which I think might still be functional for more basic typing
  • My Asus i5, which should also be functional apart from a practically non-functional battery and apparently a missing power cord
  • My Asus EEE Transformer Tablet
  • And now my prior work computer before this one
Obviously, we are terrible at disposing of older computers. We won't let go of them until they're near death and then we don't bother to throw them away or even try to sell them for one reason or another. And now that we might actually be able to pass some of them on, we're missing some of their related peripherals - mainly the power cables.

Or maybe it's not too difficult to get secondhand power cables as well? LOL