0260C: Always Back to O Bar

While in Singapore I tried visiting the queer bars there and it was one of those nights when bars are pretty much just bars. Sure I mainly stuck to Tantric and the bars in that compound are pretty much straight up drinking places and that limits what could be there.

But really what distracts me from enjoying the night life in any other country is when I think back to O Bar as it really is like a second home for us. And I don't really know how people survive just drinking at a bar without the sort of fabulous entertainment that the O Divas deliver every night.

News of Sasha Velour coming to Manila naturally has me thinking about how our local O Divas differ from the RuPaul's Drag Race queens we've had visit the country over the years. The show does a great job of building up individual personalities and thus they need to sell a brand. The O Divas still have distinct personalities and afinities for particular artists to impersonate night after night, but they are even better as a group.

In recent years it has become totally legit to know the O Divas to be "Asia's finest dancing drag queens" as they are phenomenal performers. And they don't let egos get in the way so the lead in one number will give just as much energy and effort as the back-up dancer in another number. And this really keeps things fresh as you never quite know who will do what when you see a number for the first time. And this is why we go so often as we love catching numbers when they are being tested for the first time and to later enjoy them in their more polished form. It's also why I continue to take loads of photos and now videos of these performances to help showcase their talent.

I love the O Divas dearly and that goes for O Bar as a whole really. They're all brilliant artists in their own right and they put so much hard work into their performances. This is also why Tobie and I aren't willing to go anywhere else, really. Why spend money elsewhere when we'll always feel that the O Divas deserve the time and attention more than most?