02607: Singapore Time Running Out

Well, it's my last full night in Singapore tonight. Same time tomorrow I'll be at the airport going through the usual procedures before my flight home to Manila. It has been quite the busy and eventful trip, which makes a nice change versus prior ones of a shorter nature.

Usually I only really have time for work and the odd dinner with friends who are based here. But this time around felt a bit more touristy for a change including watching a musical with my sister and dragging her to Sentosa so I could take photos with We Bare Bears standees and statues. It may not seem like much, but it felt like a surprisingly big deal for me. As much as I wanted to channel the cool, calm demeanor of Ice Bear, I was totally grinning more like a silly Grizz or something. We didn't linger too long as we had a dinner to get to and it was mainly me enjoying, but it was super fun.

I still have work stuff to deal with tomorrow and then there'll be enough time for dinner and packing before it's off to the airport for a red eye flight. I should try to play things smarter and get some packing done tonight, but we'll see how things will go. I'm feeling pretty beat after today and my body is definitely calling for sleep.