02606: Geeky Pursuits

So after work today I finally got to drop by Games@PI for my usual tabletop geekery run. When either Tobie or I get to go, we don't exactly map out things to buy. We sort of just scan the shelves and keep a look out for games of interest and that ends up dictating our purchases. There has yet to be a time that either of us have walked away from the store without any purchases at all but overall volume has more or less gone down versus the early years. But it's still a fun place to visit, especially during these work trips when I'm apart from Tobie.

I stuck to familiar titles this time around as they were mainly expansion. I picked up the latest Dixit expansion (even though we haven't opened at least the last 3 sets we had purchased prior) and the latest Japan-centric expansion of Smash Up (which I'm rather looking forward to) and the odd Drinking Fluxx, although how alcohol will affect an already crazy game is a little beyond me. I can't help to try these games out once I get back home to Tobie this weekend.

My asthma has been pretty crazy though - I guess it's a combination of the exposure to all the dogs again combined with the weather. This morning I had woken up early enough to possibly do my yoga routine (which I had missed the passed few days), but I was just too wheezy to even consider yoga. I hope to get back into the groove tomorrow but more likely it'll happen when I get back to Manila and my asthma calms down. Or something.

Just barely two more nights to go...