02603: Out and About

Well today was a pretty busy day.

So first my sister and I watched Evita at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre and it actually just okay and nothing amazing. Choreography wasn't snappy and there were songs where the harmonies were totally off despite the fact the harmonies were pretty important to the songs themselves. At least the guy they got to play Che actually sang really well. So we are now focused on Legally Blonde in Singapore come May this year.

As we had finished early enough we then moved to Books Kinokuniya for our regular shopping run. There's a members-only sale this month at the main branch so the crowds were larger than normal. I at least got to share my sister's member discount, even if that meant that I didn'tt reach the $100 minimum to qualify for a GST refund. As this is the only GST-eligible store that I stand a chance of getting a refund for, I guess this won't be one of those trips. But I suspect I will still spend more at Games @ PI when I finally find time to drop by.

With dinner settled at home, I'm going to try to push through with visit the local gay bars like Tantric, which I've visited once before with some local friends. This time around I'm going alone as I can't think of anyone that I can drag out so we'll see how that goes. But Tobie will be going to O Bar tonight to celebrate Dee Dee's birthday show so I guess we'll just compare notes as part of the amusement  factor for the night. This is part of experiencing the culture, right?