02602: Singapore Weekend Plans

It's the weekend! Congrats, everyone, we survived another busy and productive work week.

I have plans with my sister and her husband so the weekend should be interesting. Tonight we're watching The Sound of Water. Tomorrow my sister and I will be catching the touring company of Evita over at Marina Bay Sands. Then if we pull through we might catch the Between  Worlds exhibition at the Singapore National Gallery, which includes paintings by Juan Luna on Sunday. It's the last day of the exhibition so it's going to be a little tight.

Part of me still wants to go out to the local bars on Saturday night but I don't know who else I might be able to drag to that sort o things. I am terrible at going to bars alone without anyone for company so that does not feel like a good idea at all as I'll probably just end up feeling bad or lonely without Tobie and our usual O Bar crew with me. But it also feels like a waste not doing anything as I'm rarely in town for weekends so it would be somehow prudent to support the local queer scene, right?

We'll see how things go.