02601: Good Eating

Today we had dinner at Taste Paradise, a rather fancy Chinese restaurant complete with rather intimidating portaits of past emperors of China on the wall. My sister was eager for me to try the soup here, which was quite delicious but scarily priced at nearly S$30. The whole meal was pretty amazing but now I still feel crazy full and going to bed right away seems like a bad idea.

That reminds me of my other trip over when they brought me to the East Ocean Teochew Restaurant, which is another Chinese restaurant, but one with the most amazing varieties of dimsum. These are both places that I wouldn't imagine visiting on my own since ordering gets pretty intimidating. It helps to have a member of the family who can speak the language and make appropriate recommendations for what we should order when we go to places like these. So much good stuff.

At least I'm managing to keep up with my yoga when I can. Some physical activity is better than none at all with all the heavy dinners we've been having.