02600: Singapore Routines

As this Singapore trip does not involve Tobie, more often than not my routine here is mostly work and home. Of couse home involves my sister, so that's probably "cheating" the whole travel thing. But beyond thatI think I've had my fill of most of the tourist stuff so trips are more functional.

Plus without Tobie I'm really not all that motivated to go out and roll the social dice, as it were. So instead I stay in and see if I can catch Tobie online and just imagine him being at another seat at the same table while we talk.

But I'm still bound to meet a few local friends here and there. And I'm still oddly tempted to go out Friday night even though I don't really think I'll have a heck of a lot of fun at the local clubs on my, but who knows, right? Or I can try to drag friends out, but at the moment I'm feeling too lazy to even consider the effort for that. Oh silly life.

Work again in the morning. Just going to watch a bit more Fullmetal Alchemist before bed. Plus I totally had too much for dinner and I feel like I shouldn't rush to bed, if you catch my drift.