0259F: Hullo Again, Singapore

So I'm safely back in Singapore and my travel out of NAIA Terminal 1 wasn't overly more stressful than normal but there's no getting away from the stress. I was oddly happy to fly Jetstar this time versus my last flight with Scoot. Both had been generally uneventful flights, but I think I like the ground staff at Jetstar more than Scoot. Or maybe I'm just looking forward to Jetstar's self-checkout options when I eventually leave Singapore next week.

I could go over my usual rants about how long it takes to get through all the processes at NAIA versus Changi, but that's very old hat and is practically an apples and oranges sort of comparison. It is what it is for now and the experience isn't going to change all that significantly any time soon.

This is a somewhat longer trip versus my last few trips here as it actually includes a full weekend. Outside work, I do hope to try to meet up with a few friends here while in town. I'm not sure if I'll bother with the local queer night life scene this time around but who knows how things will go.

It has been a long day.