0259E: Pre-Flight Checklist

Work involves me flying to Singapore periodically and the sheer frequency of such trips has helped me develop internal checklist for all the stuff that I need to cover every time I travel. I still screw up when it comes to things outside my routine like when people ask me to bring other things over but I do my best to make do.

It's easy to try and get lost in such routines since it helps me avoid stressing myself over worrying about ar too many things that I don't have control over or simply stressing out over the fact that Tobie and I will be apart for a significant period of time once more. Technology does wonders for providing different channels for staying in touch - channels that we use to keep connected even throughout the work day. But there's still a tone of sadness that inevitably tugs on me whenever my mind lingers on the thought that I'll be on a plane to another country soon enough.

I'll keep this brief. I still have to pack my bag and get enough sleep to wake up early for my flight.