0259C: Lazy Post O Bar Saturday

So we had a really fun time with friends at O Bar last night and that was a nice way to wrap up the work week. I had rather missed how Friday O Bar nights can be a little different, especially in terms of how the shows are put together. Last night's shows included a definitely Justin Bieber slant witin the first set while the second set was very obviously more about Rhianna.

I'm pretty sure we didn't hit the alcohol all that hard versus some other O Bar nights but I guess the feelings of fatigue from the week had a bigger effect so we woke up past noon today.

We eventually dragged ourselves out of bed and the Sietch to get some pre-Singapore errands done.We also found time to get haircuts as well, not that our hair was that long.

One of the quirkier acquisitions for today is a tripod meant for an action camera (think GoPros). So it's actually like a selfie stick with an optional tripod base, which should prove useful. I'm hoping to be able to use this for more explorations of video content, especially when it comes to recording Tobie's talks or even live-streaming our tabletop game sessions. We'll see if we can try something tonight even! Hahaha