02597: One Meal After Another

I really need to cook this week.

In recent weeks I've mainly been doing just enough cooking for lunches at work but not necessarily all dinners while at home. And so there's the irony of saving money at work but still spending money for eating out in the evening. To be fair, it sort of plays into the old thinking that I'd rather invest in money in happier meals that I can share with Tobie versus eating more interesting things at work without him. But it still means we're eating out and not always eating healthier (not that we can aim for truly healthy all the time).

So I'm going to do my best to keep up with the cooking and make sure we don't fall intot the trap of convenience of eating out or ordering out or whatever. Such a struggle in these busy times that we live in.

What I also need to rein in is my snacking while at work. My years on the graveyard shift may have formed an odd connection between productivity and snacking as I used to do it to stay awake. But now it feels like whenever I'm tackling a big report or presentation, that urge to have chips on hand gets really strong. I'm trying to divert to the occasional granola bar, but it's not like I really need the energy and should just not get a snack. It's a struggle but I'll keep fighting.