02594: The Magic of Sarah Geronimo

Bench Hipolito of O Bar performing as Sarah Geronimo
I have never claimed to be all that knowledgeable of the local entertainment scene, but our regular patronage of O Bar has acted as a sort of education opportunity in this area. And few things fascinate me more than how so many people love Sarah Geronimo. And this point has really been driven home because of Bench Hipolito's excellent impersonations of her various performances (plus she rather resembles her).

It's only because of our nights at O Bar that I've come to learn her songs like Tala and Kilometro - you can't help but pick it up given majority of the folks at the bar end up singing along to the performance, especially when it comes to Tala. There's an amazing energy in the room whenever Bench is on stage and you will always hear patrons addressing her as 'Sarah" even when she's not performing a Sarah Geronimo number.

When we tie things to my weird YouTube efforts (Spoiler Alert: I lost my Partner status), it's Bench's Sarah Geronimo videos that get the most views and yield the most comments more than any other. Despite the many different musical artists portrayed and the many songs performed at O Bar, it's the Sarah Geronimo videos that really drive the numbers. People really seem to love her for oner reason or another and I'd love to understand more as to why this is so. What about her has captivated the interests of so many people?

But hey, definitely no complaints. The bar ends up staging some very amazing  numbers to celebrate Sarah Geronimo and that leads to a lot of crazy times as Bench works the crowd up into a frenzy. I guess people love Sarah enough to go bananas for an impersonator paying tribute to her work.