02591: Geeky Storage Challenges

So over the weekend we bought a few more plastic storage bins to help with the ever-growing state of the collection. Beyond my Transformers, my steady supply of model ships from the Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection continue to add to our geeky inventory. And a good number of them arrived en masse with the Balikbayan box from Tobie's brother.

Sietch Vicis is the biggest space we could secure within BGC that didn't break the bank. It's just a question of how to creatively fit our stuff into this single condo unit. And that's where things like these bins and eventually additional shelving come into play. Sure, more and more we look more like a store or worse a warehouse. But at least it's a happy home that clearly shows what we're passionate about.

But man, it's also quite the pain to organize and put to rights. But we'll figure it out. And then buy more stuff. And then try to figure it out again.