0258A: Early Valentine's Day Stuff

So  the condo association had apparently organized an early Valentine's Day gathering at the garden area. They hired a live band and had a grab bag of finger food which included pizza, buffalo wings, lumpiang shanghai, vegetable slices and mixed bar chow. And because it was both a romantic event and a family event, you could get soda or wine. We got both.

It's still on-going but I can only handle outdoor conditions for so long given the humidity. And there were sufficient tables for everyone to stand far away from one another to actually consider socializing apart from the folks who are regularly involved in association meetings I guess. But hey free food and cheese music! Plus rose petals flying around eveywhere.

We don't anything big planned for tomorow since Valentine's Day in the middle of the week always feels weird. At least we had our little NetRunner Night celebration last night and tonight well be watching the new Black Panther movie because geekery can get us out mid-week more than a greeting card holiday. Priorities people, priorities.