02585: Yoga Progress Update

So I'm well within my third week of trying to do yoga at home, and it seems things are going faily well. I've progressed from still trying to get a few basic poses down to being able to follow a beginner's weight loss routine. I no longer torture myself using towels on the floor and I have a proper yoga mat.

It's still a struggle to keep up the routine but I have been doing my best to starting each work day with a quick work out using various videos I've saved in a YouTube playlist. I'm mainly juggling between 4 specific videos so far but I think I want to try to shake things up soon to keep pushing myself.

I am under no illusions of this being an appealing experience to watch happen. I'm still working on balancing both my posture and my breathing and it's sort of uncanny how the recorded videos actually know at which points they need to remind to you straight this limb or relax the shoulders or remember my breathing. So yeah, still working all of that and building strength in my various limbs because I do not last long enough in plank pose.

So far I start my day this way at least 4 times a week, which has to be a good thing. I'm nowhere near a full aerobic work out in terms of health benefits as the combination of videos results in anywhere between 10-20 minutes of poses so far. I need to work up to a steady 20-30 minutes, but I'll get there once I've reached a better level of mastery for more poses - at least that's the plan in my head.