02584: Transformers Mania

So today after work Tobie accompanied me all the way to Uptown Mall to pick up two Transformers I had managed to reserve over the phone. I had been hunting for the figures that compose this wave for pretty much two weeks now and Tobie has been my side pretty much the whole time.

I know I'm lucky that (1) I can afford this hobby and (2) Tobie supports it, despite what a mess the house looks like when I haven't quite gotten around to "processing" newer acquisitions. Plus there's the ever silly problem of figuring out where to store this steadily growing collection of nostalgia made plastic.

When I go through my Transformers Facebook group, there are so many mentions of husbands hiding their purchases from their wives and related anecdotes about needing to argue and negotiate for purchasing rights. It's a weird thing to read about and a sad one at that since I can no longer imagine being in a relationship that was not about supporting the hobbies and passions of the other ever since Tobie. We do our best to support one another through thick and thing, even when it comes to "sillier" things like collecting toys.

And that's what a relationship is supposed to be about, right? Instead of sneaking around and trying to get one past the other. That feels like a path fated for ruin.