02583: What You Write About When You Can't Write

When you've spent a better part of your work day starting at your computer, furiously typing away as you reply to this or that email, along with this or that social media comment, trying to write a blog post at the end of the day may not be the greatest idea. You find yourself in an odd state of having alost "run out of words" as it were - not knowing what to focus on or how to come up with something interesting to write about.

That's a little ironic as this personal blog is more focused on getting through my day to day thoughts and often recapping highlights from my day that I find myself unable to come up with something to write about. But I guess it all still makes sense since I know it's inappropriate to go into detail about work so I try to write around it. And days when work feels like it's almost the only thing on your mind don't leave you much wiggle room to write about anything else.

And so I've hit that meta-wall of sorts and opted to write about my inability to write about anything else.