02581: Japanese Fixation

Whenever we have a chance to eat out, more often than not we end up at a Japanese restaurant. The guiding principle behind our dining out choices tends to focus on cuisine we can't really cook on our own so it's easier to just purchase outright. And while I'm sure we could put effort into learning how to cook more Japanese dishes, but we've yet to reach that point.

There are two major segments of Japanese cuisine that we enjoy the most. Of course there's sushi and its related families of mostly raw fish. Then there's ramen, which is always the fun meal in a bowl that feels like the epitome of Japanese comfort food, in my opinion. And there are so many wonderful variants of ramen out there that one can never run out of new flavor experiences to try.

Sushi - whether in terms of plain sashimi or delicate nigiri always seems simple but you know it's not really if you've ever tried preparing it on your  own at home. And this goes to even just sashimi because how you select your cuts of fish. But Tobie has managed to get sort of Japanese style rice decently enough using rice vinegar and interent tips and tricks. But it still seems more worthwhile to dine out for it.

I still want to find a decently legitimate omakase experience where you just let the sushi chef guide you through a culinary journey. It's almost guaranteed to be exensive but I'm sure it will be quite worthwhile as well under the right circumstances. I just wonder if we'll need to travel to Japan just to get to experiece it.