0257F: Side by Side by Side

Today was away with family for a few days and that marked one of the rare times the had and I had been apart. Sure it was barely two days and it's not like we weren't in constant communication all throughout but we still missed each other. It's always like this when we're apart for a day or more. Neither of us likes sleeping alone and we both end up feelnig a little restless at night until sleep eventually wins out. And then things are right as rain once again the moment we're back in our regular cycle.

Tobie says he feels like he's leaving me every time he goes to work before I do, but then again Tobie is often like a dog and you know how dogs are when you're out of sight.

So we're pretty much staying in tonight since we weren't together for two nights and that was kinda sad. You can call it clingy if you want to see it that way. For us it's just who we are as a couple and I totally hate breaking my routines.