0257B: Gaming Stats - January 2018

As per my tracking on Board Game Geek, we have at least 288 games in our collection, 177 of which are tagged as base sets. We've played at least 77% of our total collection and 87% of our base games not including expansions. Thus far I've tracked 1,347 plays covering 214 distinct games.

We have an H-index of 15 with at least 6 games that we've played 25 times or more, 25 games we've played at least 10 times and 46 other games we've played at least 5 times. Given we just picked up a few new titles just over the weekend, we're going to rebalance these figures a bit more.

For the sake of discussion I think it's fair to set a target of maintaining a figure of having played 70% of our games at any one time before buying any new ones. 80% is probably target that's friendlier to our wallets but we'll see how things pan out. Given how we have a good number of regular board game folks to play with, the collection will continue to get good rotation.

And thus the games continue.