02576: Is There A Chubby Warrior Pose?

From "Yoga for Larger Bodies" by Stacy Bias
So I tried to do yoga again this morning before work. I had missed out yesterday since I had woken up way too late and it was still a struggle to get to do it today.

I dare not consider how I look like when I'm trying to copy the poses - in this regard I'm glad to be trying this out at home and not at a studio with other people. There's nothing quite like doing physical activity in front of other people to dredge up any insecurities you may have about your body. I can do my best not to care about it on a conscious level but there will always be a part of me tat will feel like shit over even a whiff of judgement.

And so I'm doing my best to figure out how to manage a downward dog without looking like I'm doing a really bad push-up. My plank isn't as flat as I would like and I doubt my cobra is anything like a snake and maybe more like a very fan Arrakis sandworm. My warrior poses seem decent but my body is quick to complain about little-used muscle groups being forced into activity.

And I'm only really doing some super basic stuff - it's not even a full workout but more a beginner's guide to some basic poses to start with. I figure once I'm more comfortable with these then maybe I can start to follow some of the all-levels daily workouts or something. One has to walk before running, or in this case mountain pose before whatever else is down the road.

That's probably a big factor in why I feel so tired today. Work was busy, but this is something else. But I'm sure it's just part of the adjustment phase as my body gets used to this. I used to feel this way when I first started regularly walking to and from work. So I keep telling myself this is temporary.

On step, or in this case pose, at a time.