02575: Because I Post Videos on YouTube

So by February 18, 2017 I'll no longer be a YouTube Partner, which is funny because I had largely forgotten that I was one to begin with. It was almost randomly that I had met the old criteria for becoming a partner and it's not like I ever endeavored to seriously create original content for my "channel" - if you can even call it that. But really, losing partner status just means that I won't be able to get ad revenue from my content, which isn't saying much.

Most of my original videos have largely been of a personal nature - the equivalent of sharing your personal vacation slideshows online. I covered a few concerts that we had attended and documented some of our shared travel adventures. There are also a number of videos featuring Yoshi, but of course we won't see more videos like that anymore.

The bulk of my videos, especially recently, are recordings of performances by the O Divas and other talents of O Bar. These are terrible videos to try and monetize as they often feature copyrighted content (the music) and thus are largely inenigible for ads. But they're pretty popular with my view hours for the past 365 days already hitting just over 50% of the required views for the current YouTube partner guidelines even though my video activty only picked up towards the tail end of 2017.

At this point I'm not sure where I want to go here. My blogging survey included questions about starting a vlog and people seemed to be supportive of this idea. Or I can just continue to push O Bar videos and see just how far this is going to go even though I don't have content that is viable for advertising revenue. Maybe I can just try to prove that I can do what it takes to be a partner and yet once again never really take advantage of it as I have been doing in the past years.

It makes for yet another quirky internet experiment for me and my content. Just like these blog entries.