02573: Fun Friend Time

Despite recent stress, this weekend has been a rather pleasant one. And for that we have different friends to thank.

Friday night's game didn't quite go as well for me as it could have, but I'd like to think the group as a whole had a good time.

Saturday didn't officially have plans until much later when some friends turned out to be free as well. And thus we ended up with an impromptu board game session that lasted into the wee hours. I'm glad I finally got to meet a long-time "internet friend" in person with the added benefit of getting to introduce him to the quirks of our hobby.

Today we largely slept in but did manage to get out of bed for a friend's birthday dinner at Trinoma. Traffic was blissfully light today so it wasn't too difficult a trek north, but we did buffer a heck of a lot of time to be sure we wouldn't be late. We did try re-exploring the convoluted layout of the mall for incidental geekery and found an interesting book along with an expansion for Clank!, one of our deck building games. We also found a last-minute birthday gift in the form of an expansion for a game we have give the celebrant / couple for Christmas, so it all worked out for the best.

Good friends are hard to come by and so I remain thankful for the few that we hold close to our hearts. We have narrowed our friend circles in recent years but at least the once we have kept close are those that have more than proven their investment in the friendship as well and are always a delight to spend time with and totally worth traveling across Metro Manila for, should the need arise.