02572: Security Check

So if I wasn't already a big fan of 2-factor authentication as a security measure, my belief in it has only been reinforced. It certainly made for a colorful evening.

It is rather frustrating how security requirements continue to get higher and higher yet the risks continue to keep pace. And thus you have people like me who rely on third party encrypted password managers to generate gibberish passwords for me such that I don't actually know most of my own passwords beyond my maybe my banking password and some of my work passwords. It's weird but it's what we end up doing to survive this dangers digital landscape.

But I suppose for as long as there are ways to game the system and use electronic credentials to make money or spend other people's money, then this may continue to be a problem. Unless we get around to a post economy world where everyone just volunteers time for the betterment of everyone but the Star Trek future may take quite a while to get to that point.

For now we have some surprise guests over for board games and maybe I need that sort of distraction from recent events of a stressful nature. There's still a lot that needs to be done, but as it is the weekend most stuff will have to wait for Monday before getting resolved. Alas indeed.