0256F: About to Head Home

Well, it's pretty much the end of this trip. We survived back to back client meetings and now some lovely delivery dinner is waiting to be consumed. I still have a few hours before I need to make my way to the airport to get through the usual routine of air travel so I can catch a 02:00am flight back home to the Philippines.

It is interesting to note that this is one of the shorter trips I've ever taken to Singapore in recent years when initially this would have been categorized as a pretty long one. Of course I'm comparing with my call center days when even a single day off was rather controversial so I'd rarely take leave. And those past trips were strictly for leisure unlike these days when I get a mix of work and family time with every return trip back here.

My sister was joking that it was like she was just living in QC or something as the trek between QC and BGC during peak hours can be around the length of the plane ride over. Plus there's also just how settled I can get when here so it doesn't always feel like overseas travel as I already have my share of routines while in-country.

I'm kind of looking forward to flying out of Changi Airport Terminal 2 as I typically end up at Terminal 1 with Jetstar. The shop assortment is pretty different and I might be there early enough for it to make a difference. Well see how things will go.