0256E: Wow Tuesday

Wow what a day.

I could spend some time blogging about the Rappler SEC revocation order. Or maybe I could talk about how quickly Congress passed a resolution calling  for a Constitutional Amendments in an effort to fast-track a shift to a federal system of government, one that may include a 5-year term for Presidents with the option for re-election or how we may not have elections until 2022.

Or I could go over the changs to Facebook's News Feed and how I'm sure we're going to have to explain this shift to every client we have and pretty much any client we onboard who still things fan numbers are super important to their business or that organic engagement targets are reasonable goals.

It has been quite the colorful day on many fronts. But tomorrow is another day. The fight goes on. There's a lot to digest and I want to take my time in writing about a lot of these concerns.