02569: Salad Days

Today has randomly become a salad day.

Tobie had visited his parents last night and brought home food (as is often the case) including some leftover KFC. Given that I didn't cook anything for lunch as the initial plan was to buy rice to go with the chicken. 

But after running some errands I found myself walking past Burgos Circle and opted to pick up something at Salad Stop instead as a somewhat healthier alternative versus just rice and a desire to snack more. Tobie and I had visited the place some time before and enjoyed it but were still a little iffy on the value proposition. But given Tobie brought home their tasty turkey-enriched Big Bird salad the other night, it seemed like something worth revisting with our on-going health efforts.

A game got setup after work at a nearby condo so instead of joining the fast food delivery dinner like last night it seemed more prudent to just get more salads for me and Tobie. Sure, it's pricey but still cheaper than the full buy-in to a group pizza and chicken buy and theoretically healthier?

Don't confuse my goals here though - the longer term plan is to increase how often I cook meals versus ordering out. But for ordering out, maybe this is still a relatively better option versus some of the other healthier options that seem to offer less for the same prices. It's insane how "healthier" food options are always more expensive than everything else. Or on the flip side it may just mean that the fast food ingredients are just that sub-standard and full of filler materials that bring the costs down and places like Salad Stop are just pricing things closer to normal based on actual costs of fresh ingredients?

The food industry is weird.