02568: Yoga at Home?

So there was this whole yoga idea last year that never went anywhere. I totally feel a definite aversion to going to any gym-like experience, mainly because of my introversion and more probably because of not wanting to be seen working out in public. I can say that I'm generally comfortable in my skin as much as I want but there's just something really uncomfortable about working out with other people around.

The yoga plans were initially delayed by some work trips and then the holidays hit and now it's 2018 and nothing has happened. So as a bit of an impulse I picked up the Humble Book Bundle: Work It Out books by Callisto Media since it included two books on yoga for beginners and at least one on stretching. We're now at the weird point of considering trying to work out at home or remotely possibly at the condo's gym possibly and get into this whole "not sitting at a computer" all day. Inertia is really weighing me down though and it's really hard to get the ball rolling. Reading even just one of the books will be a small achievement in itself I suspect haha. Oh life.

And man I'm still struggling to get back into the proper home cooking mindset. I've been leaning heavily on the convenience of Quorn for meals but that's not really sustainable. I can do better than this.