02565: Intersecting Social Circles

So our geeky lives seemingly have rather distinct social social circles at times. We have our regular RPG friends that we meet with monthly for 6-8 hour long sessions. We have our board game friends that we play games with for sessions as short as 3 ours or as long as 12 hours. And we have our O Bar friends that we party with from midnight to nearly sunrise. And these are but a few examples of the usual sorts of people that we spend our free time with.

There's a natural overlap between our different gaming groups as a lot of folks who enjoy RPGs also enjoy board games and vice-versa. And we can even get some of our gaming friends to join us at O Bar as well. But it's not too often that we get to hang out with our O Bar friends in geekier settings like game nights for one reason or another. Not a complaint - just an observtion.

Today we got to game with Travis and his boyfriend AJ, which was a nice change of pace. We had long been talking about setting something up during our various meets at O Bar and it was only now that we finally made it happen thanks to some rather good timing. And was certainly a fun day with many games - namely Lords of Waterdeep, Clank!, Takenoko and the original Pandemic. Game nights are always quite delightful and it was a geat way to get to know AJ better as we had only met once before at O Bar while celebrating Travis' birthday.

So here's to new gaming buddies this 2018 and more fun nights ahead.


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