02563: Blitz Shopping

Given the busy start to 2018 and a work trip already set for the 14th with a wedding back here on the 18th, I'm a pretty tight timeline for things in general. Thus I appreciate that Tobie has been trying to keep me on track with regular reminders of everything that needs to get done.

Case in point - my failure to use the holiday period to secure a decent coat for his sister's wedding resulted in an emergency shopping trip tonight after work. The weekend ahead is already busy gaming-wise and so this was the best window to secure something apart from squeezing something in during the next work week.

We managed to cram dinner at Ramen Nagi with a mad dash to the department store to get everything I needed. I suppose it helps that I'm not exactly the most fashion-conscious geek out there and thus the greater focus was finding things in my size that wouldn't break the bank as oppose to some other criteria. Thus in my mania I managed to get a coat, a belt and a new pair of walking shoes for work in under an hour. By the time we queued at the cashier the mall's pre-recorded goodbye message had long-finished and a good portion of the goods on the sales floor had already been covered by brightly covered cloth.

It mains me to spend so much on something as limited use as a coat but one can only hope that this becomes a decent enough investment to serve in other events in the future. It'll all depend on my ability to manage my weight as it's never fun to purchase items specifically in the plus size section of the men's wear department. One thing at a time, world.

For now we're staying in tonight as we are looking to just resting after all that silliness. Plus there's some proper gaming to be had over the weekend so best not lack sleep for that sort of thing.