0255E: O Bar Friends

Over time the people that we hang out at O Bar with tend to cycle. It all really dpends on everyone's schedules and other life events that determins whether or not they can join us. But it's funny to note how we end up with a different "core group" of O Bar friends who manage to consistently find the time to go over a span of months.

After our respective family celebrations, we met up with whhat has largely become our regular group as of late to enjoy the theatrics of the O Divas. We have a lot of material to work with when it comes to in-jokes based on stories shared at the bar. And thus it becomes rather difficult to explain to others why we're clapping like seals, why bangs are an important hair styling method and why Tobie and I make heart symbols from afar. But that's just part of the fun of going out with friends.

But for now we're just resting and staying home at the Sietch. We're still getting through our marathon of Breaking Bad and figuring out what to have for our next meal now that all of the Christmas leftovers are gone. Decisions, decisions.