0255B: #VinWedMin - Manila Edition

My sister had gotten married in Singapore back in April but tonight they finally got to celebrate their union with friends and family here in Manila. There was no need for a ceremony this time around, but we certainly got to have all the other fun parts of a wedding right down to the slicing of the cake and the weird let's-drink-wine-with-our-arms-intertwined routine. It was a quirky gathering of friends, family, colleagues and everyone in-between.

It was also quite the brilliant event that had begun as an idea for a simple dinner that turned into this beautiful celebration at an amazing venue. It was quite the undertaking that competed with all the stress of the Christmas holiday season but in the end turned out pretty great. Major kudos to the office team who helped put this together - a celebration of a love that has always been part of the fire that drives our company to success.

Sure they've been married for months, but tonight felt truly special. Here's to love and more love on top of more love all around.