0255B: Dental Appointment

Believe me, this is cleaner.

Given the free time afforded by the holiday break, I finally scheduled an appointment with a dentist thanks to our HMO. Despite going through multiple cards across my career, this was actually the first time I specifically utilized my HMO dental benefit as opposed to going to a non-network dentist referred by family or friends. And thankfully the clinic was a quick 10 minute walk from the Sietch.

It's been a few years since my last cleaning but thankfully my toothbrushing routine helped stave the worst of it off. I was once again advised to balance out where I chew my food, which has led to a lot of reflection on how I chew food. Seriously, who thinks about how you chew your food and one what side of your mouth the chewing happens? Not chewing on that side of my mouth is apparently as bad as coating it with sugar so I'll need to figure that out.

She had to cover up two cavities but otherwise things were okay. There was the usual reminder to come back in 6 months and I'll try to keep that in mind so the cleaning doesn't get so squirmy painful like this one does. She had to really scrape around to get the job done and that's never fun. I always say this but one thing leads to another hopefully the proximity of the dentist will help me stay on track for as long as we're still living in BGC.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of a blog post where I talk about my dental work.