0255A: Holiday Eating

The holidays come with a lot of good eating, especially since December includes 3 family birthdays with 2 of them sandwiched between Christmas and New Year's. So needless to say it has been a pretty fun week with a lot of us promising to go back to our respective diets come January.

But it's always this way - something about family naturally demands good eating. Dieting and self-control are things best reserved for your regular days. But the gathering of family is always something to be celebrated. And we've always been a family that has enjoyed eating together whether at a fine dining established or just in take-out containers while huddled around the TV at home.

Regular life is just around the corner though and already I've replied to a few emails and worked on a deck. It's a small indulgence that we try to keep the office largely closed during this holiday period but that time will blitz by faster than any of us expect it to. Soon it'll be 2018 and we'll all be going back to work.

But for now it's time to relax and cherish what matters more. And to be thankful for all the good things that have come with this year.